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How can my IRA borrow money?

Your IRA can borrow money to purchase real estate assets, as long as the financing is a non-recourse loan.

We are an FDIC insured bank that lends in all 50 states. Contact Us today and see how we can help you achieve your real estate goals!

First Western Federal Savings Bank Is a Nationwide IRA Non-Recourse Lender.

One person will take your file from start to finish, so you always know the status of your request. And, we don't believe in voicemail. If you call during our normal business hours, one of our friendly staff will be happy to help you!

At First Western Federal Savings Bank, we make the process of obtaining a non-recourse loan simple and straightforward. Since the plan or IRA is borrowing the money and not the individual, we do not need to obtain personal financial statements, tax returns, or income verifications.

  • We lend to self-directed IRA's, IRA funded LLC's and Solo 401 K's throughout the United States. Our non-recourse loan documents are approved by all major custodians.
  • We write a 25-year, fully amortizing loan with No Prepayment Penalty whatsoever and no balloon payments.
  • We will promptly review your loan request and give you a timely response.

We certainly don't want to penalize you for making a profit on the appreciation of your investment property and paying off the loan early. Because that's the idea isn't it? Make money on real estate investments by leveraging your IRA!

A non-recourse IRA loan is secured entirely by the collateral. In the event of default, there is no recourse or ability to collect the mortgage loan from the IRA owner personally or the IRA itself.

Apply Today Non-Recourse Loan Application (PDF)