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Types of Collateral for Self-Directed IRA Non-Recourse Loans

At First Western Federal Savings Bank, we refer to ourselves as a "Common Sense Lender." What do we mean by that? It's simple. We'll take a look at most all types of Real Estate Investments, and If It Makes Sense – We Do It.

Did you know...
...that non-recourse loans are secured by collateral. Should the borrower default on the loan, the lender has no recourse other than the sale of the subject piece of real estate should the IRA default on the loan.

Some examples of acceptable properties are:

  • Single Family Dwellings
  • Multi Family Dwellings
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Farms With Income (Rental Or CRP Income)
  • Vacation Rental by Owner

First Western Federal Savings Bank will consider other collateral options on an individual basis. Examples include, but are not limited to, Well-Seasoned Notes and Mortgages.

Contact Us today and let's discuss which types of collateral you can use with your self-directed IRA non-recourse loan.

We're a bank that provides loans nationwide but still maintains our "small town feel." We're not just here to write another loan, we want to make sure it's a good investment for you. Since 1979, we've been providing great customer service and honest conversations about self-directed IRAs and non-recourse loans. We're here to help you achieve your real estate investment goals.

Apply Today Non-Recourse Loan Application (PDF)