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Find out more about buying real estate with IRA Non-Recourse Loans, Self-Directed IRA Loans, and the other lending options we can offer you.

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We run our bank like a business, not a bank.

At First Western Federal Savings Bank, we are excited to be able to offer IRA Non-Recourse Loans to help assist you in your retirement and financial goals. We have been a portfolio lender for over 30 years and we have never sold a loan we have originated.

At First Western Federal Savings Bank, you’ll find an honesty that you won’t find anywhere else. We take great pride in answering our customers’ very important questions about buying real estate with an IRA. We provide Non-Recourse Loans for people all over the country, yet we keep the small-town feel that people know and trust. At First Western Federal Savings Bank, the same person will work your application from start to finish, so you always know the status of your deal.

We lend on...

  • Single Family Dwellings
  • Multifamily and Apartments
  • Commercial Property
  • Ag Land with Lease Income
  • Vacation Rental by Owner
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Questions? Call: 800-908-8845

Email: Roger St. Pierre
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Email: Jeff Fullerton
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Email: Nick Conway
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Customer Testimonial

I have partnered with First Western FSB for 3 years to work as my “go- to” lender for my non-recourse investment properties. I like working with them because they make it easy to do business and process and close my loans on time.  I enjoy the small town feel I get in working with First Western.  I can call and get right through every time I call.
Paul M.

First Western Federal Savings Bank Is Different Than Other Loan Providers

Image stating 'Our Institution is rated 5-stars by Bauer' awarded June of 2014

First Western Federal Savings Bank was founded in 1979 as a portfolio lender. Since the beginning, we have been committed to providing exceptional customer service, quick responses, and common sense answers. We have a unique style of banking that allows the customer immediate access to all decision makers and reasons to questions rather than blaming policies. Our main focus is customized lending on income-producing properties.

All of our employees have decades of banking experience. Each loan officer has decision making authority, giving the customer immediate feedback as to any potential loan request.

Small Town Roots, Nationwide Reach

We lend in all 50 states on Single Family Detached, 5+ units, commercial real estate, and agricultural properties.

First Western Federal Savings Bank also specializes in “self-directed IRA” loans by providing non-recourse loans. This includes IRA LLC’s, 401 K plans, and custodian IRA’s. We service all of our loans in order to provide accuracy and quick responses to any question about buying real estate with an IRA. Our quality customer service, along with our successful track record means that our customers keep coming back.