About Us

First Western Federal Savings Bank was established in 1979 as a Savings and Loan Association.  We are a federally chartered FDIC insured bank that makes loans in all 50 states for investors purchasing non-owner occupied real-estate employing a “common sense” lending strategy that is unique today.

We lend on single family dwellings, apartments, commercial buildings and income-producing ag land to investors buying or refinancing investment real-estate as individuals, LLC’s or their corporate entities.

We also help investors leverage their current retirement plan assets to purchase real estate inside their self-directed IRA or 401(k). Since 2008, FWFSB has emerged as one of the nation’s leading non-recourse loan providers to self-directed retirement plans. Each loan request is evaluated by its own merits and our underwriting strategy is specialized to each loan.

Additionally, we offer a special CRP purchase program for ag producers who would rather receive a lump-sum payment than wait for installments. Farmers and Ranchers often realize that they can create a better return by investing in their operations today than if they wait for CRP payments to trickle in over time.

We run our bank like a business, not a bank! Our vision of “If it makes sense, we’ll do it!” has treated us and our customers very well over the years and the service we provide and the relationships we build separates us from other banks. We view our customers as partners and therefore work with them throughout the life of the loan to ensure it remains a sound investment for them and a good loan for the bank. If you have a need for a specialized loan, we are here to help!