It’s simple

  1. Establish an account with a self-directed IRA custodian.
  2. Find an income producing property that meets your investment goals.
  3. Execute a purchase agreement in the name of your IRA according to your custodian requirements.
  4. Review and complete the Application/Documentation Checklist.
  5. Apply for a non-recourse loan with First Western Federal Savings Bank.
  6. Complete a “Direction of Investment” form for your IRA custodian directing them to fund your purchase with your IRA funds.

Not Ready to Download Our IRA Loan Application?

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What is required?

We want to make your IRA loan application as easy as possible, which is why we’re more than happy to provide our personal contact information and make our loan application available to you. However, please realize that every deal is different. Therefore, there may be a need for specific documents related to your transaction that are not included in the Application/Documentation Checklist.

The Non-Recourse Loan application process at First Western Federal Savings Bank costs you nothing and is completely confidential.

If you’re ready to apply for a Non-Recourse Loan, simply click the loan application link below to download the PDF.


Make sure that all documents are complete and have appropriate signatures.

If your property and application meet our preliminary underwriting criteria, then we will ask that you have your IRA Custodian (or your LLC) send us an appraisal deposit so we can move forward with processing. Our non-recourse loan lenders will do everything possible to help you—get started on your IRA loan today.