1. Due Diligence for Residential Investment Properties

    As the non-recourse loan lenders at First Western Federal Savings Bank know, performing proper due diligence is key to making any sound investment. Purchasing investment rental property using funds in your self-directed retirement account and non-recourse loan is no different. Having a strategy in place to evaluate the key metrics of an investment property can help you quickly and easily determine…Read More

  2. Types of Property Non-Recourse Loans Can Be Used For

    When you think of a non-recourse loan, you of course think of mortgages and buying a house through a self-directed loan (who doesn’t?) The non-recourse lenders at First Western Federal Savings Bank are perfect for helping you on your way to getting a non-recourse loan, but there’s actually many things you can do with your loan other than using it for residential purposes. While an IRA loan mig…Read More

  3. Tips for Starting a Business

    One of the things that the United States is known for and prides itself upon is found in the world of being a small business owner. The epitome of capitalistic ventures, small businesses employ over 56 million people across the United States, and actually comprise over 99 percent of businesses in total. Millions of Americans every day work towards having a successful small business, and many milli…Read More

  4. The History of the FDIC

    Going to the bank, setting up an account, ATMs, it all seems so simple. We can get paid and hardly think twice about it with direct deposit, we can transfer money from accounts practically seamlessly, it’s 2017 and the banking system as we know it is about as easy as can be. Many of these factors can be accounted for the FDIC, otherwise known as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. But whe…Read More

  5. When is the Best Time to Take Out an IRA Loan?

    As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, an IRA non-recourse loan (also known as an IRA loan) is a loan made to a self-directed IRA for the purpose of acquiring real estate assets. With this information, we know that a non-recourse loan is crucial for making an investment in real estate a reality. Though oftentimes, we might find ourselves debating if it’s a good time to take out a loan. We…Read More

  6. Non-Recourse Loans and Other Important Financial Terms

    The aspects and intricacies of the financial world come as naturally as breathing to some people. For many of us, however, the world of finances is practically its own separate planet, complete with a super confusing foreign language. However, there are some key financial terms that are important for everyone to know, even if they seem difficult to grasp and master. In order to build a better fina…Read More

  7. How Do CRP Payments Work? And Other FAQs

    One of the resources that First Western Federal Savings Bank is proud to offer comes in the form of CRP Payments. This is a resource available to many people across the country who work in one of the toughest industries, but these payments are relatively unknown to the vast majority of the country. In today’s blog, First Western Federal Savings Bank will dive into some frequently asked questions…Read More

  8. Mitigate Financial Risk When Purchasing an Income Property

    If you’re considering purchasing a property for rental income, there’s no doubt you’ve already asked yourself questions pertinent to the financial risk involved. For example, will the extra income cover the upkeep of the property and the cost of the loan? Will the property’s value increase over time? But have you also considered existing methods of borrowing that can mitigate financial ri…Read More

  9. Welcome

    Welcome to the new First Western Federal Savings Bank website! Stay tuned for updates.…Read More

  10. Need Capital? Here’s Where to Look for Lending to Accumulate Wealth

    Millennials are often lauded for their entrepreneurial spirit, yet the majority of today’s successful startups are actually formed by middle-aged Generation Xers and Baby Boomers. While younger generations may have been raised with the go-getter, make-your-own-way mentality that defines entrepreneurship, they also lack two important factors to success: experience and accumulated wealth. Nothin…Read More