1. Misconceptions About Self-Directed IRAs

    First Western Federal Savings Bank has posted many blogs outlining what self-directed IRAs are and how you can utilize its advantages and the benefits of property investing. There is a wealth of knowledge within these blogs, but the facts may still be elusive to those who are starting out in their investment ventures and want to know more about self-directed IRAs before they get their feet wet. In…Read More

  2. Mitigate Financial Risk When Purchasing an Income Property

    If you’re considering purchasing a property for rental income, there’s no doubt you’ve already asked yourself questions pertinent to the financial risk involved. For example, will the extra income cover the upkeep of the property and the cost of the loan? Will the property’s value increase over time? But have you also considered existing methods of borrowing that can mitigate financial ri…Read More

  3. Need Capital? Here’s Where to Look for Lending to Accumulate Wealth

    Millennials are often lauded for their entrepreneurial spirit, yet the majority of today’s successful startups are actually formed by middle-aged Generation Xers and Baby Boomers. While younger generations may have been raised with the go-getter, make-your-own-way mentality that defines entrepreneurship, they also lack two important factors to success: experience and accumulated wealth. Nothin…Read More

  4. Investment Property Lenders Pros and Cons

    Wise consumers know it’s always best to shop around before buying. Impulsive purchases often lead to regret, while considered decisions lead to high-quality results. The same holds true for investment properties. It’s tempting to jump on an attractive opportunity, rushing to partner with a lender so you don’t miss out. But any good investor will tell you there’s so much more to a deal than…Read More

  5. Thinking About Taking Out a Non Recourse IRA Loan? Here’s How You Can Benefit

    Building wealth for retirement is on most everyone’s to-do list. But why rely solely on an IRA to stockpile those dollars when there are better options? Taking out a non recourse IRA or Solo 401k loan to purchase investment real estate can benefit investors in many ways, not least of which is to stretch existing retirement dollars. Wise use of a non recourse loan as leverage will help an investo…Read More

  6. How to Help Clients Spot Warning Signs of Real Estate Investments

    Financial advisors have a duty to steer clients away from less-than-ideal properties and toward options that are bankable. Remember: Lenders want to see investments apt to produce positive cash flow, and they’ll pass on loans if they notice red flags. The process begins with key actions focused on ferreting out unacceptable real estate properties. Read the full article here How to Help Clients …Read More

  7. In Non Recourse Lending, Reasons Trump Corporate Speak

    Too often, banks give clients the runaround. Large banks like to be vague. They don’t want to offend anyone, so when their officers decline a loan, they either rely heavily on policies and corporate speak or scapegoat the “loan committee.” This communication style leads clients to believe that something other than the stated reason is driving the decision. Often, the same misapprehension app…Read More

  8. Seeking an IRA Non Recourse Loan? Before You Select a Bank, Look Out for These

    Let’s talk banking horror stories. I’ve heard more than a few from friends who’ve been ignored, manipulated, or flat-out lied to by their financial advisors regarding non recourse loans. The root of these toxic relationships is when banks care more about the products they’re pushing than the human beings who walk through their doors. Now, imagine the alternative: bankers who are respectful…Read More

  9. Non-Recourse Loans: What you Need to Know When Using your Self-Directed IRA

    Many people are asking for a non-recourse real estate loan these days, especially those who live in states like California, which have consumer non-recourse real estate loans for personal residences. There is a difference between those kinds of non-recourse loans and the loans that First Western Federal Savings Bank provides for investors who use their self-directed retirement funds (like a self-d…Read More

  10. Retirement Industry Trust Association bi-annual Conference in Las Vegas

    First Western Federal Savings Bank sponsored the Retirement Industry Trust Association (RITA) Conference recently held on October 27-28, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Retirement Industry Trust Association (RITA) is the formal association of regulated Banks and Trust Companies in the U.S. that offer self-directed IRAs to clients who want to hold alternative assets, such as real estate inside of …Read More