1. IRA Loan Debt Service Coverage

    IRA Loan Debt Service Coverage is the ability of the rental property that the self directed IRA (the Plan) owns to generate enough income or rental stream to pay all the operating expenses of the property and the loan payments with a cushion. A Non Recourse loan can only be paid back by the income and liquid assets in the Plan. So when a lender is evaluating whether or not to make a non recourse l…Read More

  2. Debt Service Coverage – What does that mean?

    December 17, 2013 How much debt will a property support? Purchasing real estate within an IRA is a good place to invest IRA funds, especially with today’s excellent buys in real estate where markets have turned south. What that means in terms of returns on investment for your IRA are yields better than bank rate CD’s, Wall Street stock and mutual fund returns, and other investments. Your inves…Read More