1. The Housing Market Now, and How it Could Change

    The Housing Market Now 2019 showed a shortage of inventory in the housing market, and the trend for 2020 may only intensify that, especially when paired with the lockdown that the U.S housing industry is on. Construction for new homes has been halted nearly entirely and real estate agents can’t show homes. Inspectors can’t inspect houses, appraisers can’t appraise, and any closings that are …Read More

  2. Preparing Your Vacation Rental Tip #1: Run-Through

    The warmer weather, the sunny days, and the rolling down of windows can only mean that summer is on its way. Summer is one of the most popular times of year for people to take vacations, and could mean a surplus of visitors for your vacation rental property. This is a great time to check in with your vacation rental property to ensure it’s ready for the season. At First Western Federal Savings B…Read More

  3. Using Your Self-Directed IRA

    Oftentimes, people contribute to an IRA without much thought going into what they are doing. And, gradually, over time, it may slowly build and hopefully one day they can retire and have their money doing the work, while they rest. Many people fail to recognize that there are other financial opportunities available with their IRA.  We’re going to go over some of the many reasons that using a se…Read More

  4. Tips for Starting a Business

    One of the things that the United States is known for and prides itself upon is found in the world of being a small business owner. The epitome of capitalistic ventures, small businesses employ over 56 million people across the United States, and actually comprise over 99 percent of businesses in total. Millions of Americans every day work towards having a successful small business, and many milli…Read More

  5. Thinking About Taking Out a Non Recourse IRA Loan? Here’s How You Can Benefit

    Building wealth for retirement is on most everyone’s to-do list. But why rely solely on an IRA to stockpile those dollars when there are better options? Taking out a non recourse IRA or Solo 401k loan to purchase investment real estate can benefit investors in many ways, not least of which is to stretch existing retirement dollars. Wise use of a non recourse loan as leverage will help an investo…Read More

  6. Seeking an IRA Non Recourse Loan? Before You Select a Bank, Look Out for These

    Let’s talk banking horror stories. I’ve heard more than a few from friends who’ve been ignored, manipulated, or flat-out lied to by their financial advisors regarding non recourse loans. The root of these toxic relationships is when banks care more about the products they’re pushing than the human beings who walk through their doors. Now, imagine the alternative: bankers who are respectful…Read More

  7. Non Recourse Loan Lender in Denver Colorado

    Denver, Colorado and Front Range area real estate investors are using their self directed IRA’s, 401(k)s and IRALLC’s to purchase rental properties through a Non Recourse Loan. Rents  continue to produce positive cash flow on well researched and purchased properties in the Denver Colorado area. Debt service coverage remains positive in the Denver area markets where I am financing properties f…Read More

  8. Non Recourse Loan Lender in Chicago

    Chicago area real estate investors are using their self directed IRA’s, 401(k)s and IRALLC’s to purchase rental properties through Non Recourse Loans. Rents are strong enough to produce positive cash flow on well researched and purchased properties. Debt service coverage remains positive in the Chicago area markets where I am financing properties for these IRA and Solo 401K Plan investors. The…Read More

  9. 3 Questions to Ask Before Taking an IRA or 401k Non Recourse Loan

    Like all investments, taking out a non recourse loan with your self directed IRA or 401k could be a financially regrettable or rewarding decision. It comes with its own set of implications, requirements, and risks, and the decision to invest in real estate using a self directed IRA should not be a hasty one. So before you take the plunge, seek the answers to these three questions — preferably f…Read More

  10. Self Directed IRA Summit

    Self Directed IRA Summit is an exciting learning event upcoming in Scottsdale, Arizona on May 7th, 2016. Mat Sorensen, attorney, author, and expert on IRA/LLC and Solo/401K plans is having a great day of learning on the topic of Self Directed IRA's and Solo/401K's at the McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale. The conference will cover all aspects of self directed IRA's, 401K's and IRA/LLC and most import…Read More