Presented by Mat Sorenson of KKOS Lawyers and Roger St. Pierre, Sr. VP First Western Federal Savings Bank

Mathew Sorensen, Partner, KKOS Lawyers, and author of The Self Directed IRA Handbook and Roger St. Pierre, Sr. VP, First Western Federal Savings Bank, on Buying Real Estate with Your IRA and a Non-Recourse Loan. This webinar will be an excellent resource for you, your staff, your friends, and/or your clients and where we have covered the following topics:

  • What is a Non-Recourse Loan and Why Does Your IRA Need a Non-Recourse Loan? (legal rules)
  • Non-Recourse Loan Options and Loan Products and Terms.
  • Non-Recourse Loan Property Example.
  • What is Unrelated Debt Financed Income Tax (UDFI and UBIT)? I will actually go through a sample property bought with debt and then rented and later sold. We will go over specific numbers (income, expenses, depreciation, etc.) and will show how UDFI tax works on a 990-T tax return and how tax it is paid on the debt. I will go over exact numbers from an actual return (not just estimates) and this will be very specific. We will go over more detail then I’ve ever seen on the topic. We’ll take out the fear of the un-known as we are now preparing and filing 990-T tax returns for IRAs in our law firm and have become very familiar with the process, rules, and tax.
  • The Benefits of Leveraging your IRA with a Non-Recourse Loan.
  • We’ll also take questions from attendees and will record the show.

Please check it out and leave me a comment with your thoughts or questions, we would love feedback!

Again, you can access that special webinar HERE