First Western Federal Savings Bank is a FDIC insured Non Recourse Loan Lender! Los Angeles metro area real estate investors are using their self directed IRA’s and IRALLC’s to purchase quality rental properties in Texas. With Dallas and Houston area market rents continuing to be strong vs purchase prices, cash flow is producing positive rental returns and profits, whether the property is free and clear, or has leverage on it with a non recourse loan. Debt service coverage remains positive in the Dallas and Houston markets where I am financing properties for these IRA and Solo 401K Plan investors.

The key in any of the markets that buy and hold investors are buying in is a positive cash flowing property on a long term lease. That is the kind of property that First Western Federal Savings finances with our IRA non recourse loan program.

The challenge and problem for many California real estate investors in the Los Angeles area is that home prices have risen so dramatically over the past 3 years, that rental returns have fallen to the point that homes do not produce enough income to make the investment worthwhile. The advantage of places like Houston and Dallas is that the rent is strong enough versus the operating expenses to produce a profitable bottom line. And purchase prices are not so high as to make the downpayment or investment cost too high in relation to what returns the owner is able to make from the property. All told, Texas is a great market for IRA, 401(k) investors who know how to make money in real estate and hold them in their self directed retirement plan.