The Self Directed IRA Summit ( in Scottsdale, Arizona on May 7th was an awesome event. In case you missed it, Mat Sorensen of KKOS Lawyers put together a full day of comprehensive learning on Self Directed IRA’s, Solo 401(k)’s, and LLC’s as the structure for self directed plans investing in real estate and alternative assets. Topics included Maximizing Your Self Directed Retirement Contributions, Prohibited Transactions, Checkbook Control and how to properly structure an IRA/LLC or Solo 401(k)/LLC.

His counterparts, Mark Kohler and Keven Kennedy of KKOS Lawyers spoke on Asset Protection Rules and Strategies for Solo 401(k)’s and their unique advantages in this world of self directed investing. The Solo 401(k) really does have some advantages over the self directed IRA and Kevin Kennedy explained them very well. In addition, I covered how to Leverage Your Self Directed IRA with a Non Recourse Loan. And Mat Sorensen took the mystery out of UBIT (Unrelated Business Income Tax) with a thorough presentation of how that really works and how to minimize any potential UBIT in your self directed plan. Other topics included Super Charging your IRA, Prohibited Transactions, Checkbook Control and how to fully utilize an IRA/LLC or Solo 401(k)/LLC.

It was a great one-day event with the live audience participating in Q and A on each topic, and the Virtual attendees of which there were over 100 also having the chance to question the speakers and gain as much knowledge as possible. The next time you have an opportunity to hear Mat speak, do so. He has a very down-to-earth style and common-sense approach, very similar to ours here at First Western Federal Savings ( Mat is planning to do another Self Directed IRA Summit next year, if not sooner, so watch for it here as I will keep you posted and check their website ( as well for information.

Roger St.Pierre