Non Recourse Lenders in the self directed retirement plan world are few and far between. If you have done any research in looking for leverage for your self directed retirement plan you will find that there really are only 2 nationwide non recourse lenders. They are First Western Federal Savings Bank ( and North American Savings Bank. These two companies are federally chartered savings banks with FDIC Insurance. We at First Western Federal Savings Bank pride ourselves in offering nationwide financing for investors buying any kind of income producing real estate, whether it be residential properties, apartment buildings, commercial buildings or ag land. North American Savings provides financing for 1-4 family residential properties only.

Regardless of which institution you choose for your next non recourse loan, be sure to use a Federally Chartered Bank or Savings and Loan. There is consistency in loan programs, rates, and of course, being a Federally Chartered Bank means that we must live and abide by all the federal regulations regarding safety and soundness. This is a big issue for borrowers knowing that your loan conforms to all federal regulations and the institution that holds your loan has sound financial backing and a good rating from the rating agencies. Bauer Financial (an independent bank rating company) for example rates First Western Federal Savings, 5 Stars, which is the highest rating a bank can attain.

So when shopping for your next non recourse IRA loan, or Solo 401K loan, make sure you are dealing with a lender that is solid, has FDIC Insurance, and has a good rating from the bank rating agencies. Your loan and business will be in good hands.