Welcome back to our blog series on preparing your vacation rental property for the summer! In our first post, we discussed how it can be important to do a run-through of your appliances and air conditioning to ensure general maintenance is performed as necessary. Our second blog of the series discussed the importance of decorating your vacation rental property to ensure it has a cohesive look to it that guests love. Tip #3 finds us here, ready to talk about the importance of setting up procedures for your incoming guests this summer.

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Procedures and Organization

When visitors come to your rental property, they’re looking for a vacation — but even more than that, they’re looking for an escape and a great experience. When things interrupt travel plans, this can negatively impact a vacationer’s experience as a whole. The little details and organizational things you can have in place can make more of a difference than you realize — but it absolutely contributes to how a person feels about their trip (and where they stayed).

In fact, rental websites like Airbnb have rankings and reviews for things like cleanliness and checking in, which means that people coming to your rental property will eventually be rating you on these factors. If your rental property is lacking in these areas, lower reviews might dissuade future visitors from choosing your vacation home.

Procedures and organizational tactics don’t need to be over the top, but having them in place makes a significant difference. This not only helps your guests make sense of the place they’re calling their vacation home, but it also makes preparing your place for the next set of guests easier for you.

Establish a check-in and check-out method.

After a long day of travel, the last thing that most people want to do is experience a hassle with getting to their rooms. Travelers just want to set their suitcases down for a moment, take a deep breath, and take everything in — not have to spend 30 minutes at a check-in counter waiting for their vacation abode to become available.

Have a method for checking in that’s simple and safe, and make this known to your guests. Maybe you have a lockbox that stores your key with a passcode, maybe you have a key fob that you bring to them upon their arrival, or maybe you install a keypad to your front door and give them the code, but whatever you decide, make it as easy and quick as possible. One downside to consider if you’re dropping off the keys when your visitors arrive is that this is dependent on everything going according to plan. A sudden flat tire or other emergency can impede meeting your guests, and no one wants to wait around aimlessly when they could instead be starting their vacation.

In addition to having a check-in method, make sure your guests are aware of a check-out method as well. They should know exactly what to do when it comes time to leave, so that it’s again much easier for you to prepare the place for your next guests.

Have a list of important information.

In the 21st century, one of the first things that many guests are going to look for is how to connect to the WiFi (also, make sure your place has WiFi!). Additionally, there are likely a list of important numbers that people staying in your vacation home should know, such as your phone number, or perhaps a neighbor’s number if you for some reason get tied up with another commitment. Have a pool or a hot tub? Include information on how to work these amenities. It can even be handy to write down some notes on what to do in case of emergency.

Not only do you want to provide this information, you also want to ensure all the necessary things to know are compiled in a neat, tidy, and easy to access way. Post it on the refrigerator, leave it on the coffee table, or leave it in another spot that’s easy to find.

Make cleaning expectations known.

There are a wide variety of attitudes that people might have towards cleaning at a vacation home. Some guests will stay with a Boy Scout mentality, leaving things cleaner than you found it, and others will think of you as their housekeeper. It’s up to you to decide what your expectations are, but whatever you decide, make sure your guests are aware of this.

Oftentimes, vacation rental property owners utilize cleaning services, and include part of this fee in their guests’ bill. This might be the most convenient, because it’s less of a hassle on your part, and makes it easy for your place to be ready for the next set of visitors.

That’s it for our third tip in our series on preparing your vacation rental property! Visit our site in the future to keep in touch with some other great tips on making sure your vacation rental is set for success. When you use a non-recourse loan to get a property that can be turned into a rental, you open your financial portfolio to so much more potential. But that’s only the first step — keeping your vacation rental a place that visitors want to come to again and again is essential to making this property a true asset. Learn more about non-recourse loans, and contact our team today to get started!