The industry of self-directed IRAs is a changing field, making it necessary to learn valuable insights about the shifts in the field, the trends, and best practices. This information is even more necessary if you are new to investing in real estate or are a prospective investor. This specialty information can be difficult to find, and finding the right lending options to invest with can even be more of a challenge. If you want to successfully invest in real estate or want to find out more about our lending options, then contact our lenders today.

Conference Overview 

As a leading educator and advocate in the practices of self-directed retirement plans, RITA, or the Retirement Industry Trust Association, will hold an educational conference to provide knowledge and tools to help the retirement industry professionals successfully navigate the challenges, issues, and opportunities of the growing self-directed retirement plan industry. 

Professional trust employees, plan administrators, regulatory and compliance experts, and private equity and real estate attorneys attend the event and interact with each other, keep up with industry changes, learn the best industry practices, hear critical updates, and more. First Western Federal Savings Bank is privileged to be a part of the many businesses that will attend the event, taking the chance to meet with other trust companies, banks, RIAs, CPAs, and other professionals in the self-directed retirement industry. 

RITA aims to promote the interests of those involved in self-directed retirement plans and IRAs through legislative and regulatory lobbying activities. A part of its mission is to continually develop the uniform procedures of self-directed retirement plans to ensure that trustees, custodians, and administrators are all supported and benefited, and are able to prosperously grow their IRAs. In an industry that is like any other in the sense that its business conditions are being developed and improved, RITA aims to stimulate professional development and education among members and prospective members alike. 

How First Western Federal Benefits from the Conference

RITA is the lobbying force for the self-directed industry on Capitol Hill and has the ear of committee congressmen and senators in key positions in the U.S. House and Senate that are poised to help the industry. As a part of the formal association of regulated Banks and Trust in the U.S., it is the voice of those trust companies, providing this bi-annual forum for companies to exchange ideas and project their legislative interests to Congress, the IRS, and the Department of Labor, who regulates self-directed IRAs.

There are several major topics that will be discussed at the conference in San Antonio, some of them including the latest in industry trends, legislation forthcoming affecting the industry, legal issues facing the industry, fraud prevention, and best practices for the industry. In addition to industry expert presentations, members and non-members gained insight into the industry through peer discussions and extensive IRA reference materials. 

Being a service member with RITA, First Western Federal Savings Bank has the experience and expertise that is required in this industry, and firmly believe in meeting with fellow custodians around the country to further discuss the industry, how we can improve it, and how we can keep our client’s best interest in mind while we do it. RITA’s conference in San Antonio allowed us to do just this, networking with dozens of CEOs from various companies and discussing opportunities for industry growth.  

Our Proud Partnerships  

Along with First Western, there are plenty of others that will attend the event, like Equity Trust Company, IRA Financial Trust Company, IRA Services Trust Company, Millennium Trust Company, PENSCO Trust Company, Preferred Trust Company, LLC, Provident Trust Group, Specialized Trust Company, STRATA Trust Company, Sunwest Trust, and many others. These are companies that First Western works closely with and values. 

Equity Trust Company is an integral part of First Western, as we do a lot of business with Equity Trust clients. Similarly to us, they have more than 40 years of experience and are a successful self-directed IRA custodian, valuing investment diversity and easy-to-use services and education. Their values fall closely to ours, taking root in the value they give to their customers and their “make it happen” attitude. 

We work closely with and have a strong relationship with IRA Financial Trust Company and IRA Financial Group. These industry professionals make it easier to invest your retirement funds, and even offer checking accounts for their clients. IRA Financial Trust is a financial technology non-banking IRA Trust Company that is responsible for administering self-directed retirement accounts, and self-directed IRAs. The business sets itself apart by offering mobile applications to serve the fast-growing IRA marketplace. 

IRA Services Trust Company works with individuals, advisors, and institutions, offering them specialized investment services. On an individual level, IRA Services helps in custodial trust solutions for alternative assets beyond traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. They give advisors and other investment professionals access to tools, and partner with institutions to assist with long-term alternative asset custody needs and other services like private fund custody solutions and rollover programs. 

Another business relationship that First Western prides itself on is Millennium Trust Company, an expert in a wide range of custody solutions. They help their clients manage alternative assets, investment accounts, and retirement funds for institutions, advisors, and individuals. Furthermore, they offer great resources on their website for those interested. 

PENSCO Trust Company is a great resource for those who are getting started in IRAs, creating a holistic approach to the field. They assist in helping you choose an IRA Custodian, the top things you need to know before you start, and walk you through the process of IRA investment.

Preferred Trust Company, LLC is another business partner we are proud to share the industry with. Preferred Trust Company has the experience, values, and personalized services that resonate with our values and strengths as well. Just like us, they strive to provide outstanding services to their clients. 

Provident Trust Group focuses on delivering clear and concise information, which is always a necessity in the changing world of IRAs. They offer a multitude of investment options that will help you reach your ideal retirement, like REITs, mutual funds, commodities, real estate, annuities, and much more.  In addition to their traditional and alternative investment options, they also offer trust services. 

Specialized Trust Company is client-focused, just like First Western, and creates a specialized approach to trust services. They offer a “pick your own fee” based on how you plan to use your account and also offer specialized education. 

STRATA Trust Company is a company that we would like to work more with. They empower their investors by providing them with a clear path for controlling their financial future and provide outstanding service in their alternative and traditional assets. They strive to be a solid foundation for their customers with their core principles and give their customers options in staying successful in a competitive financial environment. 

Sunwest Trust Inc. offers reliable services that work with their clients every step of the way. Made up of a dedicated team of professionals, Sunwest listens and responds to your every need. They are dedicated to serving and being a positive influence in their local communities. They are actively involved in a number of charities and offer creative IRA solutions that are specifically and uniquely designed to suit your needs. 

A Reliable Team Ready to Help You

We have been a portfolio lender for over 40 years, and offer IRA non-recourse loans to help you achieve your retirement goals. We stand by our customers and our relationships within the business, which separates us from other banks. But we view our customers as more than customers — they are our partners, and we dedicate ourselves to working with them through our loans, ensuring them that they have made sound investment decisions. Roger St. Pierre, an instrumental part of the First Western Federal Savings Bank, believes that small banks like ours offer the kind of customer support and responsiveness that you can’t find at larger banks. Your financial success is our goal, and we are here to help you through your specialized loan needs. Contact our lenders today to find out more about lending options and how we can help you start investing in real estate today.