1. Three More Tips On Owning a Rental Property

    You’ve been with us all along for parts one and two, and in our third installment on our rental property blog, we’re going to look at some final tips on owning a rental property. The team at First Western Federal Savings Bank is the group of people you need to get the non-recourse loan you’ve been looking for. When used with your self-directed IRA, this creates an opportunity for getting a r…Read More

  2. Tips On Owning a Rental Property

    There are so many advantages to owning a rental property, and particularly, being able to acquire one through using your self-directed IRA in tandem with a non-recourse loan. With a rental property, you can receive an additional source of income, flexibility in how your income comes through, and a financial asset that could provide long-term value. Yet in order to make these advantages happen, one…Read More

  3. Due Diligence for Residential Investment Properties

    As the non-recourse loan lenders at First Western Federal Savings Bank know, performing proper due diligence is key to making any sound investment. Purchasing investment rental property using funds in your self-directed retirement account and non-recourse loan is no different. Having a strategy in place to evaluate the key metrics of an investment property can help you quickly and easily determine…Read More

  4. The History of the FDIC

    Going to the bank, setting up an account, ATMs, it all seems so simple. We can get paid and hardly think twice about it with direct deposit, we can transfer money from accounts practically seamlessly, it’s 2017 and the banking system as we know it is about as easy as can be. Many of these factors can be accounted for the FDIC, otherwise known as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. But whe…Read More

  5. Non-Recourse Loans and Other Important Financial Terms

    The aspects and intricacies of the financial world come as naturally as breathing to some people. For many of us, however, the world of finances is practically its own separate planet, complete with a super confusing foreign language. However, there are some key financial terms that are important for everyone to know, even if they seem difficult to grasp and master. In order to build a better fina…Read More